Okay, just like we planned, let’s do this again.

I’ve been walking on sand,
Goin’ on months, now.
Been wearing these high, hot boots
Made for cold weather.

It’s a bit slow, so far.
Pick it up.

All this shifting weight, keeping balance,
Doing everything I can to stay upright;
When I could just lay back, slip off my shoes,
Let the ocean pull me in.
Float buoyant.

Maybe fewer words does work better.

But there’s this wall up:
Foundation a thousand feet deep,
Nothin’ but clouds come over…

Come on, keep going.
Try more alliteration or rhyming.

Looking now at the concrete,
Cold winding street,
On course to save myself from this perdition.
Permission for salvation.

Yeah, that’s the good stuff.
Just a few more lines!


I won’t.
Not anymore.

What do you mean!? Why not!?

Tread not upon old roads.


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